The Underlying Purity

interior architect

I love my job. Everything I do, I do with all my heart. I want to create environments with designs that do not compete with human nature and that do not lose their relevance over time. I create rooms that serve as a background to life - harmonious, functional, qualitative, and at the same time, unobtrusive.

When working with various designs, I always strive to reach balance in everything. The greatest satisfaction for me is when I succeed in creating a product that is both visually attractive and meets contemporary requirements, yet at the same time, mirrors the customers’ individual style, incorporating their needs and desires.

The relationship I form with my clients, the people whom I help create special worlds, is also very important to me. To reach excellence in cooperation, I aim to understand the finest nuances and find appropriate expressions in form and colour.

ergonomics expert Member of the Latvian Ergonomics Society

My desire is to give the room a shape that corresponds to human physiology. I want to create a room which is not only visibly attractive but also ergonomically designed, properly organised, comfortable and harmonious; a room which you would want to call your own.

My main guiding values are honesty towards myself and others, and finding harmony between time for rest and the daily hustle and bustle, These, I believe, are the real keys to success. I could not imagine my life without sports, travelling and a healthy lifestyle. I also incorporate these values in my work, creating a healthy interior.

I highly value quality in everything. I like wood as it contains the vigour of nature. I greatly admire people who follow their dreams in life, and do it persistently - those who reach the peaks of their own Himalayas, while never forgetting to think first and foremost about their health and the joy of living.